-20 Degrees and Getting Colder

On a day when it is advised to stay inside because of “arctic air” that makes for wind chills -25 to -35, I feel like a captive in my own home.  My day consisted of Scrabulous, then Scrabble, then more Scrabulous.  Finally, when I couldn’t take it any longer, I bundled up to make the six block trek to Jennifer Street Market.  I didn’t need anything, except the reassurance that I can continue to live in such cold weather.  I wore running tights, fleece pants, wind pants, wool knee high socks, a turtle neck, a polypro running jacket, a pull-over fleece, a windbreaker, two pair of gloves, a neck-warmer and a wool hat.  Hot, I tell you.  Smokin’ hot.  Still, even under all that sexiness, my finger tips were already numb when I got to the Market.

Today I am grateful for a warm home.

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