Making Life a lot Easier

I am not sure what exactly it was, but at some point last week I got a kick in the pants that motivated me to take some action towards my writing goals. Maybe it was returning to a desk job after four great days spent learning, teaching, running and discovering in Arlington and Washington DC. Or all the positive energy of the American Association of Grant Professionals annual conference seeping in. It could’ve been a freelance writing website I came across that made it all look so easy. I can’t pinpoint what finally motivated me to do something, but in a burst of writing energy, I sent out several queries through email. Less than a week later, I have five writing gigs lined up! Three which pay. This is awesome!

The amazing thing is that I didn’t have to leave my desk once to make these things happen. Back in the days when email was not considered standard communication, I would have had to type up those queries, print them out, stick ’em in the mail and wait. My five-day burst of work would have been spread out over five weeks, at least. Isn’t the internet amazing?

Today, I am grateful for the internet and how easy it has made communication. I am thankful for the ways it has made my life infinitely easier, including not having to search for paying markets, but having others do it for me.

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