A day on the farm.

Somedays (especially Mondays) I find it difficult to motivate to get work stuff done.  I thought this old habit would die when I went into business for myself, but as it turns out it makes absolutely no difference to me whether or not I am losing money for myself or an employer while reading newspapers online, facebooking, incessantly checking my email, and/or doing real estate related research: I still spend time doing that crap when I know it would be better for me to do work stuff.

The beauty of working for myself, I discovered, is when these moments hit, I no longer have to pretend to be doing work stuff.  I don’t keep an meaningless excel document open in windows to “Alt+Tab” if my boss walks in, so I can appear busy.  I can just move to the couch, turn on the radio,  and decide to edit some photographs.  Which is exactly what I did on Monday afternoon.

If you ever have a chance to spend time with a friend doing exactly what s/he loves the most, take it.  Its good for the spirit.  A few weeks ago I spent an afternoon at Harmony Horsmanship farm doing just that.  I was taking pictures (and loving it!) and Bonniejean was flagging horses (and loving it!).  I am grateful for what a great day that was and for the great photos that came from it.  And for my new love of horses and their soft noses and poodles and their friendly demeanor.

(Click on the photo mosaic to check them all out in Flickr.)

Mosaic from Harmony Horsemanship

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  1. Was catching up on your blog this morning — what gorgeous pictures of your day with the horses! Tell me: Do you use just a simple digital camera?

  2. @lauren – yes, i use a Canon PowerShot A720 IS. Its a pretty simple lil’ guy, but gets the job done. I edit some of the photos in iPhoto, but not all of them. I am happy you liked the photos. The day definitely ignited a love for horses that I didn’t know I had.

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