A Drive in the Prairie

One of the best things about living in Dane County, and specifically working in Sun Prairie, is that I am never more than a 10 minute drive from the country. Dairy farms and the red barns that punctuate the landscape are never too far to remind me of my roots. My dad did grow up on a dairy farm, after all.

A favorite lunch break of mine is pick up a portable lunch at Sentry, tune into Democracy Now on WORT, and drive north on Country N. Within minutes, I’ve left downtown Sun Prairie, passed the subdivisions on the fringe, and I am in rural Wisconsin. Being able to do that and be back before my lunch break is over is something I am very grateful for.

The wind was wicked today; at some points I wondered what the fog up ahead was, only to realize it was blowing snow. Thus, my photos lack artistic composition, because I took most of them while sitting in my car with the window down. Still, I wanted to share the scenery for which I am grateful. To see the whole collection, click on any of the photos and go to the Sun Prairie set on my Flickr page.

horses in a winter meadow in front of Taupeville, Sun Prairie

horses in coats



Dog behind the wheel at Sentry

back of the barn and shed

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2 responses to “A Drive in the Prairie”

  1. Hi Katie-

    How are you? Did you ever get called in to WPR? How has your summer been? Is your book selling well?

    I just got a new email address (no longer am going to use macht@hughes.net).

    Anyway, I was wondering if you could come speak to our Rotary Club in Jefferson? We meet at noon on Wednesday. Currently we have openings September 9, 16 and 23.

    Let me know if any of those dates work!


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