A gratitude list for February 16, 2009

Lists.  Lazy lists.

  • a lovely Valentines day
  • having fun taking headshots with a friend and great photographer
  • getting up earlier than normal without too much ado
  • Paperback Swap– goodbye Rushdie’s Shame, hello How It All Vegan
  • getting the headshots and getting very excited to use them (hint: in print, back cover)
  • a nice walk on Lake Monona yesterday
  • taking pictures yesterday (albeit crappy ones)
  • Commuting rarely enough that when I have to, it seems like a special treat to get a coffee for the road
  • quiet email days = less work
  • a soft robe
  • good partners in grant writing projects
  • a profitable project that I thought had died being resuscitated
  • owing $1000s in taxes – a sign of a successful year (and bad planning)
  • hiring an accountant, to help plan better next year
  • pants that fit just right
  • a captive audience for a my presentation on Social Networking for Nonprofits, two consecutive days
  • the dollop of soy milk left in the carton being just the right amount for my first cup of coffee
  • health insurance
  • no cavities
  • public radio and television
  • all the different shades of the color brown
  • the way the early morning light illuminates the Indian tapestry.  Taking time to notice it.
  • morning-light.jpg

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