A man who can build a trellis by hand with wood and string

Grateful for so much the past two, seemingly perfect, days.

  • a man who can build a trellis by hand using only wood and string, for less than $20.
  • cardinal party in my front yard this morning.  (Everyone wore red!)
  • our garden plot looking absolutely awesome this year.  By far the best year yet…
  • great friends in book club
  • six book events lined up for the summer already
  • planning  a West African Soiree/Give with Gratitude Second Printing party!
  • again – the party!  Who doesn’t like to party?
  • my trusty little MacBook, looking small but solid in the hulking new briefcase/computer bag I treated myself to
  • plenty of opportunities to make money this summer – getting to choose which ones to take (and which ones to pass along to someone else.)
  • watching allium bulbs planted years ago blossom again this year in the garden – bigger and purpler than ever
  • plenty of opportunities to live a healthy lifestyle this summer
  • plenty of opportunities to express my gratitude
  • walking away from a bike-vehicle collision with only a sore wrist and busted bike

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