A perfect evening

One evening this week, I dedicated a few hours to doing exactly what I wanted.  Here’s how it went down.

  • stop at the office supply store to get some sweet, luxury, pens
  • order take-out vegetarian sushi and buy a new book at the bookstore while waiting
  • buy a bottle of wine – pick out exactly what I wanted without thinking about price
  • buy lots of envelops and mailing labels to send things to friends
  • listen to great storytelling at The Moth
  • Write hand-written notes to friends, package them up, and get them ready to ship off

It just so happens that all of this little things added up to one great, big thing that I have been dreaming of for, oh, I don’t know – 30 years.  Signing copies of my first book and sending them out to readers.  The fact that this day has finally manifested – straight from the image in my mind to the living room of my apartment – is something I am extremely grateful for.  And all of you who have already purchased a copy of Give with Gratitude – it’s on its way!

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