A rockin’ day

Such a good day yesterday!  So much to be grateful for:

  • My best friend moved to Madison!  She used to live two time zones away, and now she lives only two blocks away.  We had a great lunch at the Willy Street Coop and are ready to let the fun begin.
  • Drinks on the terrace with a great friend to catch up and celebrate getting through grants.gov.  Grant writers of the world know what a big accomplishment this is!  Also – I was finally photographed on the terrace in something other than my summer uniform favorite green dress
  • Meeting someone new who has a lot of the same personal/professional interests as me and a GREAT idea for a book
  • new beers
  • red wine
  • cute summer dresses
  • anticipating a great weekend
  • cute purses
  • cute accessories
  • basketball rescue missions

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