A Written Record

I have decided to do my first blog series, “Snippets of Love,” beginning on Monday and running through Valentine’s day. Four days. Four love stories. One very excited writer.

One of the stories is an adaptation of a poem that I remember writing a few years ago. This morning, I’ve had the pleasure of reading through old journals in search of it. Reading through three years of my private thoughts is always so reassuring. First, the worries and fears that make it on to the paper usually don’t take fruition. I know that writing them down is often cathartic, and I see that value. Still, its a good reminder that I should focus on them less.

Secondly, the dreams and wishes that I write down often do come true. In 2005, on a list titled “Things I Would Do If I Could Not Fail,” I wrote 1)train for and run in a triathlon, 2)be a size 8, and 3) write and publish my stories. Three years later, I have done all three! This fills me with anticipation because also on that list were 1) Quit my job and pursue writing entrepreneurship, 2)Buy a Farm, 3)Study linguistics, 4)Start a micro-lending program and (my personal favorite), 5) Become a real estate mogul. Oh the good things to come.

Today I am grateful for they way that writing down my dreams always seems to be a precursor to their existence. I am off to write the 2008 Version of Things I Would Do If I Could Not Fail.

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