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  1. Hello, Katie.

    I recently returned from studying abroad in Dakar for four months. A couple of my fellow classmates brought copies from your book Giving with Gratitude, which they’d bought after hearing you share your Senegalese experience with us at Beloit College, and I’d just like to say thanks for writing such a helpful and beautiful book. So many of your experiences were similar to ours (especially with men!) and it was nice to know that someone else from back home had had such transformational experience. I hope things are going well for you, still.

    Jamm rekk,

  2. Katie,
    We’re a brand new buisness and I’m rebuilding my website and I found your photograph of the coconut telephone. I wanted to see about using that for my contact page image? My website is all Hawaiian style and I thought that would be great to use. Here is a link to what the new site will look like:
    Thank you for your time, and your site has some great things!

    Jeff Caraway

  3. Jeff,

    Yes – I’d be happy to have you use the photo. Thanks for asking. If you could link back to the site, that’d be great.


  4. Hi Katie,

    I read your book. Thank you! It was outstanding. I received a copy of it from the Bartels. I’m a DSHA grad also (’00).

    I was wondering if we could connect for me to learn a little bit more about your book writing/publishing process. I work for an organization that builds hospitals in rural Ecuador and we would like to write and publish a book about the inspiring story of our founder and how the organization came to be. Let me know if we could talk sometime either by phone or in person (I live in Madison too.)


    Laura Dries

  5. I am a business consultant & trainer. I am writing a book on planning and execution. I need a professional writer to work with me to clarify and expand my writing. Does this sound like what you do? I am located in Madison, WI

  6. Hello Katie –
    I found your review of the Baobab Center online ( and was just hoping to touch base. I work for a large NGO and will be relocating to West Africa for a year. I have been working on French for many years, but am seeking an immersive experience before starting this project. I will ultimately be based in Burkina Faso, but as Dakar is a business hub for West Africa it seems like as good of a place as any to do French immersion and I have heard such wonderful things about Senegal. Given all that, do you think that the Baobab language learning program is a good option for me? Would you have any recommendations for other options in Senegal?

    Thank you for your posting about Baobab. I have no reason to expect a response, but I would surely appreciate it if you did!

    Kind regards,

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