Aiming for The Star

After sleeping off yesterday’s case of crabbiness, I easily found things to be grateful for today.

  • 9 hours of sleep.
  • The Sun Prairie Star published my apple basket photo and gave me a shout-out for delivering them.  While I wasn’t given proper credit for my photo, I am still grateful that it was good enough to get stolen. Isn’t that the best form of flattery?
  • My new business cards arrived today!  I was shaking as I opened the box, not with excitement, but fear that I made a sloppy typo. After staring at them a few minutes, I’m 99% sure they’re error-free.  They looked so awesome they started burning my hand, just asking to be given away.  This is, of course, while I’m in the company of only one other and so now Diene is dutifully carrying multiple copies in his wallet.  You never know- he might meet someone who needs a grant writer.
  • Since the “position elimination” (which still isn’t official) , a few clients and job offers have come my way, mostly without much effort on my part.  The serendipity is a sign that it’s all for the best.  Today, I met with a fellow grant writer whose company I so enjoyed our coffee meeting lasted 90 minutes.  That is what I am grateful for – to meet another grant writer who is easy to talk to and loves languages as much as I do.  The fact that he may offer me an awesome opportunity to keep writing K-12 grants- that’s just icing on the cake.
  • I can’t believe its taken me four years to buy a veggie burger from Jennifer Street Market.  I can’t wait for my next grill out.  Yum.

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  1. Can you find gratitude in the fact that your post had me surfing around the “Sun Prairie Star Online” for at least 15 minutes, checking out SPHS sports results and prom pictures? I sure can.

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