All around, things to be happy about.

ladies.jpgToday, a story of mine appeared on World Hum – a website I’ve been wanting to get published on for quite a long time.  Frank Bures, writer and travel-writing-teacher extraordinaire, was a big help in getting my story to the editors.  (In fact, he was The Reason the editors considered the story.)  This kind favor, even after I showed up 45 minutes late to the second class of his Travel Writing seminar in Madison.  Today, I am grateful for Frank.

The story is actually a chapter from my upcoming book.   I am really grateful for the momentum that this gives me in bringing the book to life.

Finally, they used one of my photos to accompany the story, which marks the first time  photo of mine has been published by a paying market.  What a great day!

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  1. katie, you truly amaze me. Congrats on your story being published in World Hum! I look forward to the rest of the book. Where will I be able to buy it in Madison?

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