Among the vulnerable during COVID-19, a personal note to my students.

Dear Students,

On a personal note.

During spring break, I am having a surgery that will keep me in the hospital for a few days and then zonked on painkillers in bed for a few days of recovery after that.  I usually get very few emails from students over spring break, so I didn’t even consider telling you all.  Now, with this turn of events and those to come, you may need to reach me during that time. I’m telling you about my surgery so you know I will be very slow to respond during spring break. I will do my best.  It likely will not be very good.

The surgery is an attempt to cure a health condition I’ve been dealing with for a long time and I am hopeful.  I am also scared because with COVID-19, I am in the “high risk” group due to a compromised immune system that they keep referencing in the news.  I know that some of you or your loved ones fit into that category as well and that you are walking around campus silently scared too.  

This whole thing is a stressful pain-in-the-ass  for all of us. Disruptions to our plans usually are, and this one has a backdrop of panic, fear, and anxiety to boot. But as someone who will disproportionately benefit from the UW community coming together and making huge sacrifices to protect public health, I am extremely grateful that we are doing so.  So thank you. 

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