An afternoon of reading ‘Be the Hero’ by Noah Blumenthal

This afternoon, I reclined on the couch and read a new book cover-to-cover.   I even took a nap about halfway through.  The book was free thanks to the public library and I had the time to finish it thanks to summer vacation.  Grateful for libraries, books, recommendations for books from friends, and free time.

On a side note, the book was awesome and I highly recommend it. “Be the Hero” by Noah Blumenthal. A great, quick, read that will help you change the way you look at your own life and situation.  It extends the idea of a positive attitude into the stories we tell ourselves about other people, our situations, and our selves.  I found it empowering.


4 responses to “An afternoon of reading ‘Be the Hero’ by Noah Blumenthal”

  1. Katie, thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been working on developing my public speaking skills and have had several successful speaking engagements recently on the subject of doing what you love, and believing in what you do. I’ve been able to share my personal experiences and how they have brought me to do cancer research. It’s been wonderful to share my story and hopefully reach out to others with a positive message. Looks like a great book right up my alley! Glad to hear you have summer vacation, enjoy!

  2. @amy – Cool! I’d love to hear your speech someday. I bet it’s wonderfully touching. Yes – I would say get this book. It was great.

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