Monthly Archives: August 2012

Tracking Pizzas and Rewarding Loyal Customers

One reason I loved teaching Marketing Communications this past spring was that I learned so much from my students, especially about ways young consumers interact with digital marketing. We’d discuss a new technology and its marketing implications, and I was always impressed by what quick adopters they were. Such is the nature of being young and bright, I suppose.

Photo by Jordan Fischer

When we discussed mobile marketing, they shared how they used their favorite apps and it always expanded the way I thought about opportunities.  While  tracking a pizza I order is a nonsensical idea to me, for students who live between their friends’ apartments and their own, being able to know exactly where the delivery guy is and how much time you have until you have to meet him at your apartment  is helpful.  The students’ willingness to share was such a gift, and it helped me see just how rapidly technology, particularly mobile, is changing the way we do business.

Technology goes through such rapid iterations that constant learning is a must. Otherwise, you’ll be still trying to master Twitter and Pinterest will sneak by and surpass it in traffic referrals. I think this constant learning is was draws me to digital marketing.  Its one of the fields where you learn by doing.  I’ve been doing some digital marketing work with a fast growing Wisconsin company, Bungee Loyalty Programs,  and I love how each time I do one thing, I learn another.  Its refreshing.   And that continual learning is something I am tremendously grateful for.