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Digging for Gold

I have a pretty small closet, but apparently it can hold and hide a tremendous amount of forgotten treasures.  Last fall, when I did the seasonal wardrobe change, I found tons of fun things.  After coming back from Senegal and unpacking, I did a thorough cleaning of the closet and was again rewarded.  This time with a brand new bottle of hand cream that I bought, tossed in the closet, and apparently forgot about for months.  It’s just in time for the chapped hands of winter and I am grateful for that.


Running home with Andrew Jackson

I’m running along Spaight street, on the return half of my route.  I just turned down the volume on my ipod because while the deafening songs are loud enough to mute the pain of my first run of 2010, I worry about permanent hearing damage.  (Perhaps this is what it means to be in your 30s.)  I can finally hear myself breathing again, and I am acutely aware of the heaviness of my body.

Don’t stop.  Keep going.  Don’t stop.  Keep going.  I don’t have the energy for other thoughts.

Until, suddenly, I STOP IMMEDIATELY.  I look down at what lies in the snow at my feet with disbelief.  Then, guilt.  I look around to see who it could belong to and see no one.  Just empty gray streets covered in white ice at dusk.  I pick up the two $20 bills, pump my arms in the air, and then start running again.

I am grateful for my most lucrative run ever.   What a way to kick off 2010.


Perfect Aim

I was already in my pajamas, certainly not planning on leaving the house again until tomorrow.  SMACK!  Our second story window frame is rattling and I look over and realize someone has launched a snowball at our window, and struck it dead on.  I stand up, guessing I’ll see a band of rebellious teens running away.  Nope – it was my friendly neighbor who was out moving his car from one side of the street to the other (for Alternative Side Winter Parking – a very profitable parking restriction for the City of Madison.)  He was just reminding us to do the same, essentially saving us $40 in tickets.  What a guy!  What a neighbor!  What a person to be grateful for.

Gratitude for a Winter Walk

Somehow, its worth putting on two pair of pants, three shirts, a jacket, boots, hat and gloves just to get some (frigid) fresh air these days.  Today I forced myself to get out around the neighborhood with my camera and take pictures of the beauty of winter.  I knew there had to be some – and I am grateful for what I found.  Click on the mosaic to see all my photos from the walk.