Unexpected Kindness

It’s wonderful how someone’s unexpected kindness can turn around a bad day.  Just as wonderful is understanding that we each have the power to turn around someone’s day by extending kindness.  Doing someone a favor without them asking you for it is all it takes.  What a powerful realization.

Photo by David Trattnig

Photo by David Trattnig

A world of milk

Between my own food allergies and the food sensitivities of my breastfed son, I can no longer have cow’s milk. Or soy milk. Or almond milk (or any nut milk, for that matter.) And yet, I still have an overwhelming amount of choices of milk at the grocery story. We live in the an era of milk abundance and I am so grateful for that.

For what it’s worth, I usually choose Coconut, unsweetened. Other runners up are Rice Milk and Flax Milk. Hemp milk (chocolate only) has also made the cut from time to time.

Photo by Stephanie Booth http://www.flickr.com/people/bunny/

Photo by Stephanie Booth

A matter of perspective

The elevator doors opened, but I stood still in the hallway until the guy pressing the door open button cleared his throat.

“Sorry,” I said, looking up and walking in to press the 4 button. “I got distracted by reading the Conserve sign. Now I’m feeling guilty about taking the elevator.”

“Are you kidding?” he asked. “I’m feeling great. I thought for sure we were wasting much more energy — enough for an hour of light at least. I feel quite better, actually.”

I laughed as the doors opened on the fourth floor and I walked out towards my office. “That’s one way too look at it,” I said. And with a change of perspective, my guilt was gone and my mood lifted.

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