Calling all International Callers

The international calling card business makes a killing by charging ridiculously high prices, adding on service fees, and providing a service that only works 30% of the time or so. Diene and I were buying $5 cards (+$1 service fee) and he would get to talk to his family for about 10 minutes. Ridiculous! Thanks to my public bemoaning about this, many friends recommended Skype. The problem, I thought, was that Diene’s family doesn’t have the internet – but lo and behold – we can call any phone using Skype. I realize that I am a few years late on this trend, but I am still grateful to have found it.

The calling rate $0.26/minute is still significant, but the connection works and there are no hidden fees. That alone is worth the money! For our first call, we both sat at my desk in my tiny office, talking into my computer and listening to his family on the other end of the line (and ocean). Another miracle of the internet!

Today, I am grateful for Skype.

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  1. Amen! Everyone should get to hear the voices of their loved ones…full of joy… without cursing hidden charges in the back of their mind and watching the clock tick down the whole conversation*

    i am grateful you got Skype and I am grateful you and Diene can connect better with his family…I am grateful for the smiles i can picture on all of you involved… the laughter and love shared over Skype harmony!!

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