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Birthday gratitudes



I once would’ve thought that was so old.

Things to be grateful for:

  • Looking towards a brand new year and all the wisdom that comes with experience
  • Making mistakes, picking myself up, and trying again
  • Running my own business
  • Working toward my MBA
  • Trip back to Senegal.  The limitless family of Yayeme, Senegal.
  • Diene’s love, patience, encouragement, laughter, and company
  • Great neighbors on Miller Ave.
  • Sharing hobbies (photography and dreaming big) with my dad
  • My best friend who lived down the street from me again for a while this year
  • Having the means to be a vegetarian
  • A full social calendar.  Make new friends, but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold.
  • Being surrounded by smart people every day
  • All the eye candy on campus
  • A mom who loves to shop for other people
  • The Jack LaLanne Juicer
  • Running around the track at the SERF
  • Ideas.  Business ideas.
  • Regina Spektor. iTunes.  Pandora.  WORT.  WPR. KCRW.
  • Strategies & Systems & Frameworks
  • Laughter, everyday.

I took the day off to go to the Wisconsin River in Prairie du Sac with the hopes of seeing some bald eagles.  We saw many – I’m grateful and taking it as a sign of good things to come this year.

Birthday_4_soaring eagle