Cleaning out the Closets

I was on a hunt for my favorite red necklace.  It’s the one I wore in my author photo and it has a lot of meaning to me.  It also perfectly matches the shoes I want to wear tomorrow.  When I saw that it wasn’t hanging on my jewelery rack and then realized it wasn’t in my overflow jewelry box, I became determined.  Life would pause while I turned over ever last inch of the apartment until I found this necklace.  (Of course, this only meant I could put off my accounting homework a while longer.)  I mined through bags and boxes and piles and heaps  in my tiny little closet and boy, oh, boy was there an amazing stash of treasure back there.  I am grateful for all the things I owned, and forgot about, only to discover like it was the first time again.

  • all of my jewelry from Senegal
  • all of my dresses from Senegal
  • 3 meters of sweet fabric from Ghana that I’ve been meaning to make something out of
  • a vintage dress that I’ve never even worn
  • three button down shorts in the exact same shade of pink
  • shoes that i’ve never worn because they kill my feet that I am happy to bring to goodwill
  • a BRAND NEW sweater from anthropologie…yes, anthropologie!!!…. that I bought a few weeks ago and then proceeded to completely forget about.  this is better than finding a $100 bill in the back of your jeans!
  • jewelry.jpg

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