Increase Your Chances of Repeat Funding by Staying in Touch with Grant Makers

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February 2007
Increase Your Chances of Repeat Funding by Staying in Touch with Grant Makers

by Katie Krueger

When a grant is approved, you should read your award letter as carefully as you did the application before you applied because the letter should outline how often the Funder expects to hear from you. Read through it and find out how many formal reports they expect from you. If you are unsure, contact them and ask. Many will ask for a mid-point and final report. Even if they don’t ask for these two reports, it is a good idea to send them a letter with a brief update about the progress of your project, in order to stay in touch.

If any significant program changes occur, for example, a shift in your budget or major delays in the outlined timeline you will need to contact the Funder and let them know. If the change is major and shifts the way that you will be spending the grant, you will need to get their prior approval.

In addition, think of sharing any good news about your project that is noteworthy. For example, if you are featured in the local press, clip the article and pass it along to the funder. If you have a compelling success story from a program participant, type it up, include a photo and send it to the funder. Sharing good news with funders is important for two reasons: 1) you are building a relationship with them, showing them your appreciation of their investment in your project, and 2) you are making it really easy for them to invest again!

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