Collective Gratitude

Express gratitude for the good things in your life and soon you will find that they multiply; a single drop magnifies what is below. The power in expressing gratitude is multiplied when we do it collectively.

Got Gratitude? Leave a reply below listing what you are for grateful today.

7 responses to “Collective Gratitude”

  1. Right now…I am grateful for the ideas of potential that surface and feed my soul around this time of year, what awaits me!?! I am grateful for my faith in the possibilities of change and growth. I am grateful for belief and openess. I am grateful for the creativity and control I have over my destiny. I am grateful for being a free spirit. I am grateful for my openess to continually learning. I am grateful for being surrounded by supportive hearts that encourage and noursih me. And, I am ever grateful that the universe is unfolding… just as it should.

    **I am also grateful for the way my sister makes me laugh…the way my mom is effortlessly creative…and the way my dad holds us safely.

  2. I am so grateful for the beauty all around that informs the poets and the artists and the musicians and how this beauty bubbles over in all these manifestations into my heart and soul whenever I’m able to be present for it. Here is one of those wondrous expressions:

    Tilokal Lake
    (“The Frozen Lake”)

    In this high place
    it is as simple as this,
    leave everything you know behind.

    Step toward the cold surface,
    say the old prayer of rough love
    and open both arms.

    Those who come with empty hands
    will stare into the lake astonished
    there in the cold light
    reflecting cold snow

    the true shape of your own face

    ~ David Whyte ~

    (Where Many Rivers Meet)

  3. I am grateful for being able to recently see good old friends and to connect with them by reading their blog! I am happy to see them doing so well. I am grateful for my health each day. I am grateful for being able to continue learning as a student but also to be able to give back, as I am reminded ‘Freely Ye Received – Freely Give’. I am inspired by constantly being surrounded by people who have true hope that we can cure cancer. I am grateful for all those who support and encourage me on this journey, especially when I feel discouraged. I am lucky to feel that I’ve always got someone on my side, no matter what. I am grateful that I am slowly learning what I need to make myself happy, and that it can only come from within. Spiro, Spero. I breathe, therefore I hope.
    Great blog, Katie. Take care.

  4. I am grateful to have been shown love early on in my life that now allows me express real love as an adult to my family and friends. I grateful for my children, for they are true blessings that bring joy and happiness into my life everyday. I am grateful for my mind, body and spirit that allows me to explore all that surrounds me and my potential as a human being. I am grateful for good health. I grateful for my ability to experience happiness and joy. I grateful for my life.

  5. I am grateful for creative and interesting friends, a hot book club, smoke-filled bowling alleys that start the evening with country and work up to hip-hop, a brother and his soon-to-be Mrs. moving to town, a husband who does laundry AND cleans bathrooms AND makes me laugh everyday, a cozy and warm house, a good job, my health, a full fridge and pantry, four wheels (and a pink two-wheeler for summertime). Basically, I’m grateful for life. My life. A great life. I’m blessed!

  6. What an incredible day I’ve had, heavenly. The most divine lunch (seafood pizza, garlic, lemon, olive oil) with a great friend (Andrea, Taurean Hungarian Aussie), a work day that was perfectomundo (surgical clinic) and great conversations on the way home (about travel), then of course dinner was magnificent (lamb roast) and then to find your wonderful post about Senegal, parfait!
    Happy days avec gratitude
    L x

  7. Having the ability to be grateful in your life is SO important, especially in today’s society. I cannot say enough about the things I am grateful for, and have experienced the effect of being aware of them and watching them multiply 🙂

    I am grateful for:
    1. Friends who are encouraging, positive, and can listen, as well as share laughs,smiles, and similar interests
    2. A big loving family
    3. My college education….very valuable.
    4. Food on the table at all times
    5. Having the ability to make a difference in others lives and help people in any way I can
    6. Myself and all that I have accomplished
    7. itunes
    8. Books, books, books!!! can’t get enough….
    9. Having great student worker jobs that have taught me essential job skills, as well as helped me build a community
    10. The four seasons- christmas right now!
    11. Being warm
    12. being able to plan my study abroad trip to Barcelona, Spain!!
    13. people who have taught me great lessons thus far in life and more to come…


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