Country Roads, Take Me Home

There are three routes I take to Sun Prairie to get to work. 1) Country Roads (18-19 minutes) where I pass llama farms, horse farms, dairy cattle, and plenty of fields of corn. 2) 151 (16-17 minutes) where I pass Diene’s workplace, East Town Mall, and a drive-through coffee shops that can add 4 minutes to my drive. 3) Hwy 30-I94 (15 minutes flat) where I have to merge with fast traffic and pay attention to my driving the entire time. #3 is the route that makes me feel most like a commuter. My favorite route is #1, the country roads, but often in the morning I am running late enough that that saving 4 minutes makes a difference. Lately, I have been avoiding morning meetings (ok, meetings altogether) and have been taking my time getting to work. I am grateful for the scenes of the interesections between suburban and rural life, and will miss the tractors, livestock, and groups of black birds that punctuate my drive. Really, is there any better traffic jam to be stuck in than one like this?

Lexus behind the Deere


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