Cruising the Bike Paths of West Madison

Sometimes I get going on my bike and I think I am a superstar athlete who should be able to handle a 30 mile or so ride.   All is well until the return trip home, probably with about 7 miles left, when I start to feel a wee bit saddle sore.  Still, when I’m fresh on the bike, I pedal like an Armstrong and delight in my speed.  Always make time to notice the moments I’m grateful for:

  • making it up all the hills without having to get off my bike as feared (even though my lungs were burning)
  • discovering that you can ride right next to that lonely campus horse who I’ve only ever before seen while driving down University avenue
  • remembering how to connect the arboretum ride and the Capital City Trail
  • friendly bikers who make jokes at the stoplight, giving me enough oomph to keep on keeping on
  • the unspoken feeling of solidarity between me and the old man who climbed up the Seminole Highway hill together
  • The following dialogue with a cute, shirtless man with his white hat turned backwards and a fishing pole in hand
    • Man: “Uh, so, like…which way to the Lake?”
    • Me: “Lake Wingra?”
    • Man:  “Uh, I guess so.  Sure.”
    • Me: “That way,” pointing.
    • Man walks off in opposite direction.
  • Military Ridge Bike Path going  by Park Printing in Verona (probably the only landmark I’d recognize.)
  • all the Tom Turkeys in the arboretumbike-on-tracks-med.jpg

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