Days of Turkey and More

Is it just me or has everyone been counting down until the biggest grubfest of the year?  Turkey Day!  A sanctioned day of gluttony.  How am I supposed to be productive at work this week when the thought of candied yams is making me salivate?  Even as a vegetarian, this is my favorite holiday.  Of course, what is awesome is having a holiday dedicated to gratitude.   In that vein, here are the things I am looking forward to (for which I am grateful for)

  • good food and tons of it
  • spending time with my family
  • my parents HDTV
  • dad’s photo studio, open for business
  • backgammon, scrabble, other impromptu games
  • beets, yams, potatoes and other root vegetables
  • squash
  • the way my family spends hours cracking ourselves up
  • being able to type on my laptop from my parent’s house
  • free laundry

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