Discussing Give with Gratitude on Here on Earth

When I first moved to Madison, in November of 2004, I was unemployed, broke, and suffering some major culture shock after having lived in Senegal for the previous year.  My job search was moving slower than I would’ve liked it to, so I took on a project to give my days some meaning: sewing a quilt with all the fabrics I had brought back from Senegal.  Hours spent cutting fabric into small squares, following patterns sketched on graph paper, steaming the iron to warm up the chilly apartment, and turning up the volume to hear Wisconsin Public Radio over the hum of the sewing machine’s motor. It was then that I first discovered Jean Feraca’s Here on Earth.  It was a beacon of peace to me at the time;  I longed to be abroad again and the radio show was as close as I could get to actually traveling.

This week, I appeared as a guest on Here on Earth, discussing my book, Give with Gratitude.  Just as much as I was grateful for Here on Earth in 2004, I am today.

Listen to the archived show on Here on Earth’s webpage.


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