Earrings and More

This morning, I was listening to a Fresh Air podcast on my bus ride and heard Jason Segel saying how much easier it is for women to make new women friends than it is for men to make new men friends.  “Women just walk into a bathroom and walk out with a new friend.”  How lame!, I thought.  A few hours later in the day, I stepped out of one of my classes to go to the bathroom and, sure enough, I start chatting with another woman while we’re washing out hands in there.   We run into each other later at the Memorial Union and greet eachother like we’re old pals.  How awesome!

Other things to be grateful for today:

  • Cute boots with dresses
  • Study-buddies
  • Podcasts on the bus
  • Computers & Calculators
  • Ale Asylum’s Hopalicious Beer on tap just about everywhere I go
  • Bold earrings that only cost $0.25!

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