end of the day gratitudes

on a day as full as today, there is much to be grateful for.

  • safe, easy trip to Arlington
  • sweet hotel room
  • Ethiopian restaurant walking distance from hotel
  • dinner paid for by work
  • seeing the faces of hundreds of other grant writers
  • making plans for a morning run on The Mall (if i can figure out how to cross the Potomac)
  • new business pants
  • cute shoes
  • my give-away Wisconsin accent
  • all well-planned for my Saturday presentation
  • cell phones, the internet, wi-fi, and every other technological convenience of today
  • comfortable walking shoes
  • the view of autumn leaves from the airplane into DC
  • sewing kit in the hotel room
  • a huge king bed all to myself
  • going to bed before 10 and lovin’ it
  • airplanes
  • being from the midwest
  • finally being confident enough to dine as a Party of 1

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