Gratitude for October 17th, 2008

Yesterday I was cruising down Langdon when I heard a something fall off my bike and hit the pavement.  I turned around and saw my water bottle rolling around near the curb.  I turned around to retrieve it a girl who was walking in the opposite direction had already turned around, picked it up, and was walking to give it back to me.  Totally unnecessary kindness.  That made me happy.  Along with these other things to be grateful for…

  • Coffee and soymilk in the morning always makes me happy
  • Diene’s tv appearance
  • Work-related meetings where I get to see old friends
  • Democracy, the election and the fact that soon we’ll have a new president
  • new pillows
  • living so close to my sister, going to the gym together
  • being able to ride my bike to my classes
  • adult education, learning about small business
  • postcards arriving in the mail!
  • my cozy bathrobe and slippers
  • feeling no need to shave my legs in long pants season
  • pictures of Diene’s family and their new house sent to us via email
  • Cranberries
  • Bowling tonight!
  • having made it a year of blogging

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