Gratitude List for 9/9/08

  • Email exchanges that make me laugh out loud
  • flowers from the farmer’s market
  • an honest car mechanic
  • getting my biggest check ever
  • all the fun I’m having planning a road trip to KY
  • Rotarians
  • My new digitial voice recorder
  • new camping gear from REI
  • a reliable car
  • cool weather coinciding with a long car trip that could’ve been dangerously sweaty had it been warmer
  • a flood of new friends on facebook
  • writing a strategic plan
  • books on CD, audiobooks on my iPod
  • tomatoes galore
  • getting a $750 grant for my own work (what some may call an occupational hazard)
  • the art swap at Absolutely Art, getting to clean out some old art supplies
  • a landscaping gig that makes D happy and is a preview of my future dream of the family landscaping business
  • The fact that in a matter of days, my surrounding will look more like this:


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