Gratitudes for the Morning of May 28th

  • getting up and at ’em early today
  • jet planes and direct flights
  • early morning bike rides
  • rides to the airport with my sis
  • traveling solo!
  • reorganizing my closet home office
  • book orders rolling in
  • writing contracts and proposals for my own work
  • a friend from Sun Prairie who read the blog and reached out to say hello
  • going through a major love affair again with The Postal Service’s Give Up
  • two ipods in the house – a choice
  • clean shower
  • healthy breakfast that includes coffee, soy milk, almond butter
  • lunch with a colleague who I really enjoy talking to
  • cell phone battery life
  • taxi service at my disposal
  • a Facebook friend’s idea to bring a copy of Give with Gratitude for President Obama this weekend – just in case!

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