Hello, Katie.

I would like to say hello to a writer named Katie.  (No, I am not using the blog as yet another way to talk to myself.)  I have heard that this other Katie (Katie W.), not only has the coolest first name ever, but has the coolest hobby ever – writing!   Being a savvy young woman, she has started her own paper blog until her mom helps her set up an email account.  I think this a great idea because it doesn’t matter where you write, but only that you write somwhere.  This is what makes you a writer.

I am really grateful that two mothers, with daughters named Katie, started sharing kid stories at work and discovered they have writing daughters.  I also hope that Katie sends me an email (or leaves me a comment on the blog!).  One day, I will be grateful to read her book.

One response to “Hello, Katie.”

  1. Hi Katie, it’s the other Katie! I was thrilled when I read today’s blog! My mom came home from work last Wednesday and showed me your website. You inspired me to start my own paperblog. Since I was little, I’ve loved to write stories. I’ve filled many notebooks and journals. I’ve often wondered what I would be when I grew up. I never thought of becoming a writer! You’ve inspired me to become a writer (plus it’s a job that doesn’t require math, uggghh!!!) I’m grateful that our mom’s talked and I found you!
    Katie 🙂

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