Home, Sweet, Home

The more I travel, the more I feel grateful to have a home that I love. A few of my favorite things about it:

  • the photos I gave Diene for Valentines day are finally hung up on the wall
  • my zinnia seeds are still growing, despite my neglect
  • my pothos plant recently turned the corner
  • i can play around with my new Trek Pod, the coolest gift i never asked for that just arrived with my name on it
  • the time and space to teach myself about the White Balance settings on my camera
  • Jason Berta’s new CD, Tattered Rags, is the number one choice in the stereo lately
  • the kitchen is currently living in a previously unknown level of cleanliness, thanks to Diene’s hard work
  • i don’t have to pull a carry-on suitcase with me every time i go to the bathroom (like I did all Saturday and Sunday at airports). i can get a drink of water without breaking a $5 bill.
  • i have time to organize my business cards, remembering all the cool folks i’ve met at Rotary conferences
  • the cupboards are stocked with all my favorite foods
  • i feel at peace here
  • My Pothos Turned a Corner

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