Honeycrisp Apples and Subliminal Marketing

Honeycrisp apples are in season!  I happily paid $10 for a bag at the farmer’s market last weekend.  What?  You say, “Dang, that’s expensive for an apple!”  Let me ask you: have you ever bitten in to one of these?  It’s like juice in your mouth while being crunchy and pleasing to chew.  And the harvest season – when they are as as close to perfect as naturally possible- is not much longer than a month in Wisconsin.

I am grateful to live in a state that produces the best apple in the world.


3 responses to “Honeycrisp Apples and Subliminal Marketing”

  1. love the subliminal marketing…genious! eat one of these apples while sitting and watching ducks…harmony!

  2. As the owner of http://www.Honeycrisp.com I agree you make some great points. Even though we are from lovely upstate New York in Honeycrisp Country I agree Wisconsin does a great job with Honeycrisp. In fact my first trip to Wisconsin to look at Honeycrisp I even so my first bear in the wild just waiting to cross the state highway. Maybe he was looking for Honeycrisp. We were one of the first to introduce Honeycrisp to the public and I remember doing tastes tests having to talk people into trying Honeycrisp. Now, not so much the case. Your are so correct from a marketing prospective. Nothing or no one can market Honeycrisp apples like Honeycrisp themselves. That first bite with the breaking texture and the little squirt of juice with a great balance between sweet and start and the marketing train has left the station. I do kind of feel bad for the other llittle apple trains that are a little worn out and more and more its the “H” train that people want to board. Wow from Honeycrisp apples to trains. Have a wonderful day.

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