How to Pass the Time On a Hot Night

Perhaps its because I am the oldest of three siblings and spent a lot of time coming up with activities to entertain others.  Maybe its just part of being a creative person.  It could just be utter boredom and a refusal to watch prime time, non-cable, television.  Whatever the reason, I love group activities of a creative nature.  Say, setting up the camera on the tripod and taking a few studio portraits for this month’s Muscle Magazine.

How grateful I am to live with someone who is willing to play along (and let me post the photos online).

We’ll rough you up, by the way.




One response to “How to Pass the Time On a Hot Night”

  1. Hey Katie!
    Just stumbled on your blog – fun! Nice to see an appearance of the kickball t-shirt! Tell Dienne I say hello!

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