I write, you read. I think our relationship is just perfect.

Nothing could have prepared me for how much I would love the entire cookie/postcard exchange.   Finding postcards in my mailbox every day for a week was just the start of it.  Dedicating two nearly full days to baking cookies,  dizzy in the evening from indulging my sweet tooth all day.  Packing the fragile fruits of my labor in way too much colorful gift paper, offending the sensibilities of my inner environmentalist.  Stretching packaging tape over the flaps on the cardboard boxes, the skin on my hands dry from the paper handling.  Inking the boxes with my fat Sharpie pen, trying to get a buzz from the fumes.

Best of all, I got to read what all these awesome people are grateful for.  Today, I am grateful for my blog readers.  I had no idea how collectively cool you were.  (I suspected it, though.)  I am already excitedly planning for Snippets of Gratitude’s 2nd Birthday!gratitude-packages.jpg

6 responses to “I write, you read. I think our relationship is just perfect.”

  1. Katie,
    It was a wonderful surprise to receive your package today. It was beautifully wrap and brought warmth to a dreary Michigan day. Baking is love, and you must have a lot of love in your heart to share such a tasty treat with so many strangers.
    Very Grateful,
    Jamie Nye

  2. Katie – What a wonderful Friday surprise! Thank you for your labors of love – both the cookies and your blog are so enjoyable!

  3. Katie,
    I’ve been out of town helping a relative through a tough time. Imagine my delight upon returning home and finding cookies waiting for me. I had completely forgotten about them. They were definitely the pick-me-up I needed. Thank you so much.

  4. Katie,
    It was a treat to receive your cookies wrapped up so cheerfully. Now I see how you felt receiving all your postcards and mail! I am grateful for knowing you! Thanks!

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