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I love to teach myself new things and have “How To” books to credit for more than a few of my party tricks. The Klutz series gave me juggling, balloon animals and magic tricks. Various others gave me Hindi, grant writing, basic guitar, and knitting.

The internet is like one huge “How To” book and has been extremely helpful in my latest pursuit: web design. I’ve gotten pretty familiar with basic HTML and feel comfortable using a wordpress platform (see ProjectJapaleGoune.com or FindFunding.net or even this website.). Well, tonight, after hours of playing around, I finally figured out a special effect I have been curious about since the beginning: the hover-image-change. (I am sure that is the technical name). Check out my masterpiece here:


Would you believe it took me almost two years to get to this point? That might make me a half-nelson web designer. Patience pays off, I suppose.

Today, I am grateful for having a creative hobby that energizes me and the fact that no matter how many years left in my life, there will always be something more about the internet to learn.

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