Mali La 2009

Mali La is  a three-day party, thrown at a group campsite in Decorah, Iowa, to kick off the summer.  The host is one of those guys that everyone loves and the guests are his friends from various stages in life.  Everyone is easy going and committed to having a good time, whatever that means for them.  Canoeing, biking, bocce-balling.  Drinking, smoking, eating, laughing, drumming, guitaring.  Families, friends, nature.  It rocks.  Some of this year’s highlights:

  • sleeping in the car – the most luxury bed offering available
  • catching up with old friends
  • awesome Mali La tshirt
  • babies, babies, and more babies
  • feats of strength on the suspension bridge
  • wearing a summer dress all day
  • never knowing what time it was
  • not caring what time it was
  • backgammon games
  • talk of traveling to Dubai
  • the timer shot that wasn’t (see below)

The Timer Shot that Wasn't


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