March 13th 2008 Gratitudes

I have been making good progress on March 08’s Grant #2 this morning and that always makes me feel happy. In the past I’ve procrastinated so much that it is only by sheer terror that I begin to actually get work done. This is why it is an excellent idea for me to work in teams with people who set (and keep) internal deadlines. In addition to being grateful for the progress, I am grateful for these other things that have made my day:

  • vanilla soy yogurt
  • good dinner out last night
  • travel plans to San Francisco
  • vanilla soy milk in my fully caffeinated coffee
  • vivid dreams about travel, babies, Italian swimmers and foreign senior citizens doling out advice about work and life
  • upcoming trip to Chicago

One response to “March 13th 2008 Gratitudes”

  1. i need more details on these Italian swimmers…i am grateful for all things Italian and i am grateful for my upcoming trip to Italy this summer*

    i am grateful for my friends unconditional love for all things soy milk, its great to have such a simple pleasure in a sometimes seemingly unsimple world…so i guess i am grateful for simple pleasures, one of which would be pecan raisin rolls from whole foods!

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