Moving Day Gratitudes

Moving day has arrived.  It will be stretched over a 3-week period.  That seems like something to be grateful for.  Little projects here and there, trips to the Hardware Store, mixing cleaning solutions.  A busy day that has me so damn exhausted, but I am so grateful.

So many new thoughts, so many new questions.  How much should I worry about dusting the top of the kitchen light fixture?  Is climbing up on the counters to get to the cabinet’s top, back corner with my sponge worth it?  What should I do with this ugly Direct TV satellite?

So many new questions.  Each one I am grateful for.


2 responses to “Moving Day Gratitudes”

  1. Hi Katie,
    since you have a lot of birds at your new place, you could transform that satellite dish into a bird bath!
    Enjoy settling in,

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