Night Owls and the Few of Us Awake with Them

Its a scene not totally unfamiliar. In the wee hours of morning, I sip a fresh cup of coffee and listen to the birds outside chirp at the imminent sunrise.  The peace of late night solitude has evaporated, and exhaustion makes me feel frustrated with everything.  My eyes burn from staring at my computer screen so long and my back aches from hours of ergonomically-challenged posture.  Someone else in the house wakes up, sees me and asks, “Did you even go to sleep?”

More and more, these nights are insomnia-fueled, but occassionally they are the result of pathologic procrastination and unforgiving deadlines.  As I look forward to age 30, I am hoping it will bring and end to the crazy hours I keep.  What I wouldn’t give for a 11pm-7am sleep schedule, like most normal people in the world!

Still, I am grateful I can still pull through in a pinch.  Someday, probally sooner than I imagine, it just won’t be worth it any more.


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