Once I Go Mac, Will I Ever Go Back?

discman.jpgI am getting super excited to invest in all the technology my budding business will need: mainly a laptop to replace the one I now have (which is owned by my soon-to-be former employer). I’ve decided I’m going MacBook.

The best part is there is a special going on for educations folks (students, professor, employees of a K-12 school district) that includes a free iPod Touch with the purchase of a MacBook. I cannot honestly say which will be sweeter. Sure, the MacBook will be the technology hub of my business. But the iPod will save me from holding a clunky, antiquated Discman while running. Since I lost my mp3 player a few months ago, it is like every run takes me back through the late 1990s (even before the handy yellow sport-grip Discman) while simultaneously building the grip muscles in my right forearm and destroying any chance I had of looking hip.

I am grateful for great deals.


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  1. Hooray for new gadgets! Very exciting! You made me appreciate my new(ish) iPod all over again, as before I replaced the old one, I ran without any music or podcasts for months!

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