Open the door, let them in.

Monday mornings – ugh.  At least that’s what they used to be.  Now, I am lucky enough to wake up at my own pace, schedule meetings when I want (and know I’ll be awake and alert), and free to stop by the Coop for breakfast, if I so choose.  Mondays are now just as  full of potential for creating the day of my dreams, as are the other six days of week.

Today, I am grateful for the business that keeps coming to me, without much effort on my part at all.  Finding clients was my biggest worry about starting my own business, and I haven’t even had time to work about it because I have been so busy with several clients that call me.  Today at the Coop, for example, I ran into an aquaintance who assumed that I must be stopping for breakfast on my way to work.  When I explained that I actually work from home, writing grants, he said what is becoming a familiar chorus in my life…

“I am actually looking for someone to help me write grants….”

For the abundance of work, I am grateful.

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