Photos from San Francisco

Emily and I are having a fabulous time together here in San Francisco. There is no greater gift than a friendship that has lasted a lifetime. While she worked today, I took the morning to catch up on my online life – email, photos, my blog, my online class. I am grateful to be caught up and to be able to share some photos. Enjoy.

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3 responses to “Photos from San Francisco”

  1. Katie, these are lovely! I forwarded your flickr link to my hubby who is a photography buff as well.

  2. Hi Katie,
    I love your spring pictures! It makes me wonder why we are here in Wisconsin with all the grey skys. It must be the cheese!
    Happy Birthday to Jen! I missed him in church on Easter. Do stop over sometine when you are in Wauwatosa.

  3. i love my mom* …and i am gratful for the neighborhood bonds of 81st and Warren Ave. we have something special going on there!

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