Saving all profundity for the goodbye party.

Today is my much anticipated last day of work. My only feeling right now about it is a bit of regret in having to give back my laptop. Yes, I love my new MacBook, but I’m feeling kind of sad to say goodbye to the HP PC. It has done me very well.

As I dive into the world of self-employment, I am reassured by the bounty of my garden. If things don’t go as well as I hope financially, I can always subsist on strawberries, tomatoes, kohlrabi, peppers, and basil.

Strawberries in the Garden

3 responses to “Saving all profundity for the goodbye party.”

  1. Good luck, Katie! You’ll do beautifully- you have such amazing talent and potential.

  2. You will be greatly missed~You’ll do great!!!!! You are such an interesting person and I’m sure others will find this out soon! Best of Luck!

  3. You will be a stunning success; it just can’t be otherwise.
    Trust me on this.
    You are poised to soar.
    – Michelle from the VB

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