Signs of Life in the Garden

Our community garden plot is only a 4 minute run (3:56 to be precise) from our house; a perfect warm up. On my latest run, I stopped by to check out the action and, oh boy, things are looking good.  Today, I am grateful for all the signs of life in our garden, which include:

  • Daffodils in bloom
  • Tulips sprouting, bud has pinkish tint; maybe two days away from bloom
  • Tallest leaves in the flower garden belong to the purple allium (flowering onion). No flower buds on them yet though.
  • There are shorter plants budding up and I’ve forgotten what I planted.
  • Big leafy rhubarb already has thick red stalks
  • Garlic leaves are all up and about 8″ tall
  • Tiny leaves are poking their way out of the raspberry branches
  • Strawberry plant leaves are becoming more saturated with green and red tones; they’ve definitely spread out since last year.
  • I pulled out lots of dandelion leaves today.  A sign of life, albeit choked out by modern agriculture.
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