Snippet of Love #2

snippets-of-love1.jpgSince the only fever I got on Valentine’s Day was accompanied by nasal congestion, a hacking cough, and other romantic bits, my Valentine’s Day series, Snippets of Love, is late. But I am still posting them, because, dammit, I was excited and February 14th is just some arbitrary day schemed up by the folks at Hallmark. Love reads no calendar.

So, here is #2, a love poem. For all you francophone long-distance lovers out there.

far from you
my love becomes

fragile as the flesh
deep as the red
distinct as the scent

of a dried rose petal
plucked from its source

loin de toi
mon amour deviens

…fragile que la chair
…profond que la rouge
…indubitable que la parfum

d’un petale de la rose
cueilli de sa source

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