Snow, Snow, Go Away

It’s been snowing nonstop for two weeks. I know this is Wisconsin, but I was really counting on global warming to give us the mild winter that we had last year. Perfect for running outside after work. This morning I woke up to the sound of screeching tires, running bald over ice, as my neighbor tried to pull out of street parking spot to get to work. That made me want to bury myself under the covers and go back to bed.

I remember the snow days, when we’d find out there was no school and strap on all our winter gear to go outside and build snow forts and snow men. Come back in to warm hot chocolate, static-charged hair and Disney movies. I’d love to do the same today.

Yet, a glance out my window shows every thing covered in fresh, clean, white. For a moment, from the comfort of my warm desk and pajama, it is beautiful. For that, I am grateful.


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