Social Networking for Nonprofits Presentation Gratitude

The last two days, I’ve presented on Social Networking for Nonprofits to members of Association of Fundraising Professionals, and both time I got all excited, started talking too fast, and went way over my allotted time limit.  It’s only because I really believe that social networking can change is changing the world.  Like it or not, the evidence can’t be disputed.  I’m always initially skeptical of technology that seems invasive, but like so many things, I didn’t really get it until you try it.  I’ve surrendered – and am willing to take full advantage of the opportunities that come my way via Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and the lot.  For you skeptics, I’ve got proof.  Most recently, the article on Forbes only included me because of a twitter connection, only days after I decided to join.

I am grateful for all opportunities I get to speak in front of a crowd, especially about the things I love doing.   Now that I spend so much of my day working alone, I am also grateful for networking lunches and getting to talk to people with similar interests and work.   I always love the people who come up to talk to me after any presentation, and am thankful to leave feeling like I learned just as much, if not more, than I taught.   A good day.

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