Starting the Week with Gratitudes

After a break in routine, I am easing back into the gratitude habit with a list.

  • a surprise visit to Diene on his break
  • starting the day with a coffee meeting
  • all sorts of good baby news from all sorts of friends
  • an unexpected visit from my brother this weekend
  • watching the WIAA State basketball tournament and feeling nostalgic for 1997
  • hosting book club fun
  • sunny morning
  • more sunlight later in the day
  • constructive feedback on a piece of writing from a much better writer than I
  • a relaxing weekend with lots of sleep
  • new fluffy mattress cover
  • new comfy shoes that don’t hurt my foot
  • week one (of the doctor-ordered three week break from running) being over
  • realizing that exercise puts me in a good mood (and lack of exercise makes me a beast of a person)
  • looming deadlines approaching quickly
  • Netflix’s video stream option
  • getting my finances in order
  • filing my taxes

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